"I love eating, it’s something I do a lot of when I go on holiday : between experiencing the culture and seeing the sights,  I spend as much time as I can enjoying local culinary delights.  So when we were presented with the opportunity to take a trip to Taiwan, my ‘food radar’ started to go crazy!"

"This was my first visit to Taiwan and I had heard a lot of my friends talk about how brilliant the food is there. Most of them went to Taipei, so I didn’t know too much about Taichung — the city we visited — before the trip. Well, I can tell you the food in Taichung is top drawer — and my liver is probably as rich as a bit of foie grois now!"

Colours Of The Night
"The night markets in Taichung are sublime: beautifully vibrant and full of variety. It’s quite amazing to be there on a weekday night at midnight — surrounded by people of all ages drinking bubble tea and dining on street snacks; the aroma of freshly-cooked food hangs in the air, offset by the ‘scent’  of smelly tofu (as it is affectionately known in this part of Asia)."

"Hong Kong is often called ‘the city that never sleeps’, but Taichung gives it a run for its money: the street markets in Taichung are still open and doing business long after we  return to the hotel for our beauty sleep!"

"Even after midnight you can see people — lots of people — strolling around and riding on scooters, the preferred mode of transport in town. Quite often you will see entire families and their dogs riding on a single scooter!"

"There’s no doubt that Taichung is an intriguing city with  plenty to see and do. Not only is it a treat for the taste buds, it is also a visual feast — with enough street life going on to keep travel photographers content day and night."

"There is something unique about Taichung city — a certain je ne sais quoi. Perhaps it has something to do with the Japanese influence ( Taichung was once a colony of Japan): Areas of Taichung resemble parts of Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Then there is the inherent sense of humour in some of things and places in Taichung (the toilet restaurant was quite amusing). It’s a very lively place and the people are so friendly. It has left me with a very positive feeling towards Taichung and Taiwan, and it’s a bonus that I had my camera to document the entire experience."

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All About Kai
Kaiman Wong — known as Kai W — is the main presenter for DigitalRrev TV. He is also an avid blogger, camera enthusiast, photography addict, painter of things in shades of pink and magenta … and much more!

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